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Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour Vinyasa/Power Yoga Certification


Program Highlights

Whether your goal is to enrich your personal practice or learn how to teach yoga to others, Yoga Inside Out's 200hr teacher training program is a deep dive into not only the physical aspects of yoga and the technical skills required to actually teach but is also an immersion into the transformative power of yoga for your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The following are highlights of our program:


Physiology and Anatomy

Learn about functional anatomy as it relates to your body, how to align your poses intuitively as well as for optimal strength, flexibility and flow of energy.


Communication Skills

Improve your public speaking and presentation skills as well as how to use your body language to effectively deliver a class and connect, support and inspire your students.


Hands-on Assists

Learn how to give safe and effective hands-on assists to educate and support your students in exploring various angles of aligning, lengthening, strengthening, etc.


Dynamic Sequencing

Learn how to sequence a fluid vinyasa class that is energetically challenging yet accessible to all levels and moves the mind and body towards vitality, peace and equanimity.


Inward Journey

Bring your best self forward as you explore meditation, reflection,self inquiry, and self-care practices that will expand your practice from your mat into your life.


Support and Mentoring

With our small group setting, everyone receives ample 1-on-1 coaching from the teaching faculty as well as peer support. You'll make new yogi friends for life.

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Terri K.

Nikki’s yoga teacher training is a life changing experience. Not only does she have a deep understanding of yoga, she is able to teach in a way that develops you personally into a powerful, present and most skillful yoga teacher. Nikki gives her student teachers a strong foundation and challenges you based on your unique strengths and weaknesses. When I finished my training with Nikki, I was hired at 3 yoga studios, 2 gyms and a country club, all within the first month. I was fully prepared to begin teaching classes right away. YIO YTT gave me so much more than I could have expected and the decision to train under Nikki has absolutely changed my life for the best.

Sarah S.

Yoga Inside Out teacher training has been a game-changer for my career. Over the past decade, it paved the way for my success as a yoga teacher. Nikki’s unparalleled intelligence and passion for yoga set this training apart from others I’ve experienced. Unlike any other, Nikki seamlessly integrated her in-depth understanding of yoga anatomy and extensive studies of the human body into the curriculum. This unique approach not only deepened my knowledge but also left me with a profound and enduring love for yoga that I’ll carry throughout my entire life. Grateful for this transformative journey!

Ricardo P.

I was lucky enough to travel from Peru to California to participate in Nikki's 200-hour power vinyasa yoga teacher training, it was an incredible experience. I met beautiful people, from different cultures and with very interesting stories. Nikki has a unique approach and pays close attention to each student's particular form, guiding efficiently throughout the training. This teaching staff will help you deepen your practice and thus guide your future students if you want to be a teacher. Super recommended! I am grateful to have participated. Thanks Nikki! Namaste!

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