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Corporate Yoga and Wellness Program

Be the company that goes the extra mile.


Invest in your hard working employee’s wellness.

Not only will you attract and retain talent by building a culture around health and wellness but research has shown that the effects of fitness and mindfulness goes beyond the physical benefits.

Yoga at work boosts morale and the reduction of stress improves focus and productivity. Plus, the shared experience of taking a yoga class together is a fun team building opportunity.

Reasons to Offer Yoga at Work


Increase Energy

Taking a break to move and breathe mindfully, even for 30 minutes, gets circulation moving and generates the right amount of effort and ease without depleting your energy.

Build Strength & Flexibility

Strength and flexibility is a necessity for people who spend their days seated. Building core
strength and overall flexibility reduces low back pain.


Boost Team Morale

Group yoga sessions encourages employees to take a break, refresh and recharge, interact and bond, making for a happier, more collaborative team.


Reduce Stress

It’s proven that finding ways to reduce stress can help increase focus, productivity, creativity and overall brain function and mental health.

Classes Offered:

  • Vinyasa Flow class

  • Hatha Flow class

  • Power Flow class

  • Chair Yoga

  • Stretch and Release

  • Meditation

  • Sound Healing Sessions

  • Custom tailored to your team’s needs


Please fill out the form below to request detailed information on corporate class offerings, booking inquires and/or to discuss about specific requests:


As a former IT and tech professional, I can personally relate to how a high stress environment can take a toll on the mind and body and thus am happy to work with you to find a custom program that works well for you and your team.

Thank you for your consideration.

Warm Regards,


Request More Info:

Thanks for your interest. We'll be in touch soon.

Our Happy Clients


"If I can put a word in for Nikki, she is one of the 3 best yoga teachers that I have had in the past 10 years, and I’ve tried well over 100 teachers in the Bay Area.  She is an inspirational, motivational, expert power Vinyasa instructor.  She is incredibly creative with her flow, which is so important in keeping the practice fresh for us daily yogis.  She has a great personality and verbal cadence and she actually *teaches* yoga, rather than just demo'ing a practice.  I’ve been going to her classes for several years, first in Sunnyvale, then at Santa Clara, and now in Cupertino.  When I took my job at Apple, one of the factors that influenced my decision was that I would be able to attend her classes that's nearby."

Jeff S.

I’ve throughly enjoyed seeing how my practice flourished under the guidance of Nikki and all of the teachers she’s mentored. She truly embodies what it means to practice on the mat and how yoga is also relevant in daily life. What I admire most about Nikki is that she is not perfect and doesn’t claim to be and is one of the most humble students of this practice that I’ve met. It’s very inspiring to witness the way she nurtures her teacher trainees and as a student I get to be a part of their growth. I’m inspired to grow when I see my teachers grow. Nikki has definitely guided me further to fall in love with my practice.

Pam L.
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