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The path to becoming a yoga teacher demands that you magnify your enthusiasm for learning and devotion to the practice for at the heart of a teacher is a student.

- Nikki Wong, Director and Lead Trainer, ERYT-500hr

Why Choose Our Program?


Practical Teaching Skills

This training is specifically tailored to teach you how to teach a vinyasa style class. The essence of the program revolves around hands-on teaching experience. From day one and every subsequent day of the program, you will actively practice and refine your teaching skills through the use of your voice, hands-on assists, sequencing and hours of practice teaching with your peers.



Comprehensive Mentoring and Coaching

This training offers a comprehensive mentoring and coaching program that begins a week before the program starts and continues throughout the training, extending even after its completion. We go beyond simply providing a certificate – active coaching support remains available for months after the training concludes.


Small Group Size

The group size is limited to guarantee each participant receives significant individual attention and coaching. Our aim is not to mass-certify yoga teachers, but rather to foster future light workers, healers, and educators who are passionate about elevating the vibration of our communities. Whether you decide to teach locally or extend your impact beyond, your skill set will distinguish you apart from the multitude of yoga teachers.



Immersion Style Learning

Complete your certification through a one-week immersion followed by three weekend sessions. While some trainings extend over 6-8 months with sessions scheduled exclusively on weekends, our approach encourages a focused, distraction-free week for personal immersion followed by application during the subsequent three weekends. Based on our experience, an undisturbed immersion proves to be a key factor in fostering effective and enduring learning.


Opportunity to Apprentice

Depending on the program's location, there might be opportunities to apprentice at the studio or with Nikki. This presents an invaluable opportunity for new teachers to kickstart their teaching careers.



Active Participation

Active participation is essential in this training. Unlike some programs where passive attendance may be enough to pass, our teacher training manual stands out by actively supporting your participation. You won't just receive a book to memorize; instead, you'll be able to build upon our manual that resonates with your perspective, allowing for a deeper understanding and practical application in your teaching.


Lifetime Access to The Program

Upon completing this program, you gain the privilege to attend future 200hr programs with Nikki as many times as you desire. Our graduates often drop in to refresh their understanding of the foundations, offer mentorship to new trainees, and actively contribute to the community.



Experienced Faculty

In contrast to other programs that feature a roster of guest lecturers, having a primary lead teacher enables a student-teacher mentoring approach tailored to your individual strengths and areas of growth.


As the primary lead teacher, Nikki is a 500hr E-RYT and has been teaching vinyasa/power vinyasa for the past 20 years. She has been leading this YTT program for groups and private individuals since 2012. She received her first 200hr level training with Baptiste Yoga Institute and also holds certification in Advanced Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga with Tim Miller (100hr), Yoga Tune Up, Functional Anatomy, Functional Range Conditioning, and Kids yoga.

In addition to the personalized guidance from Nikki, you'll receive continuous support from her team of teachers and assistants throughout the program and beyond.

Jenny C.


Nikki’s YTT was one of the most significant experiences of my life!  I loved the immersion style so that there were no distractions and we practiced teaching everyday so it established a solid foundation when we finished the program. I felt fully prepared to teach after completing her program. I also loved the details of each pose where Nikki provided variations for various body types and/or injuries.  Most importantly I learned so much more about myself, I felt challenged in my current perceptions, and I expanded in my personal yoga practice for the better. She fully invests in her students. She is the best of the best and you won’t regret it.

Jessica Z.

Yoga inside out teacher training is a gift Nikki has graced into the Universe. Nikki is a true expert, she is down to earth; she brings and encourages different perspectives and experiences into the training. Nikki listens to her students and will never make you feel unappreciated. She is knowledgeable, and humble in her teachings. The one week intensive invites a deep experience that is shared with other yogis. I participated in 2016 and it has forever changed my practice, on and off the mat. If you join YIO teacher training, be prepared to step out of your comfort zone in a loving, supportive, and fun environment.

Screen Shot 2024-02-13 at 3.33.49 PM.png
Jennifer D.

I had the pleasure of completing my 200 HR YTT with Nikki Wong at Yoga Inside Out, and it was an absolutely transformative experience. Nikki's attention to detail is unparalleled. She possesses a unique ability to convey complex concepts in a way that is both accessible and deeply insightful. Her down-to-earth and relatable approach made me feel immediately at ease, creating an environment where I felt supported and encouraged to explore my practice more deeply.

Nikki's emphasis on alignment, adjustments, and cueing is truly exceptional. She has a keen eye for the subtleties of each pose, ensuring that every student gains the maximum benefit from their practice while minimizing the risk of injury. Her adjustments are gentle yet effective, helping to enhance my understanding of each posture and my awareness of my own body.

What sets Nikki apart is not just her technical awareness, but her genuine care for her students. She goes above and beyond to ensure that everyone feels welcome and valued, regardless of their level of experience. Nikki has not only been an incredible yoga teacher but also a mentor who has inspired me to embrace my practice with patience, humility, and joy.

I cannot recommend Nikki Wong highly enough to anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice or complete a Yoga Teacher Training. Her expertise, coupled with her compassionate and motivational teaching style, makes Yoga Inside Out the perfect place for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. Thank you, Nikki, for being such a remarkable guide on my yoga journey.

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Choosing to commit to a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) is a significant decision that involves both time and financial investment. Ensure you ask plenty of questions and thoroughly explore all your options. We are here to assist you in navigating this rewarding journey. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have.

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