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Yoga Teacher Certifications and Continuing Education

Become a certified 200hr Yoga Teacher or elevate your teaching with mentorship and hands-on assisting skills.

200hr Certification

Yoga Inside Out's (YIO) 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is a certified program registered with Yoga Alliance (YA), designed to equip aspiring teachers with the necessary skills to effectively instruct yoga. Our program not only meets the curriculum standards set by YA but also goes above and beyond by providing extensive practical, hands-on experience. Upon completion of our training, you will be fully prepared to confidently lead well-rounded yoga classes.

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Elevate Your Teaching: Hands-on Assisting

Whether you're currently enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT), a recent graduate, or a seasoned instructor, possessing the ability to confidently and safely provide hands-on assists to your students is a priceless skill. Not only does it accommodate various learning styles among your students, but it also serves as another powerful teaching tool in your repertoire.

This course is offered in-person and as an online course (coming soon).



Feeling stuck, frustrated, burned out, or lacking inspiration in your teaching journey? Work directly with Nikki in personalized 1-on-1 sessions to reignite your passion and explore new avenues. Together, we can delve into:

  • Enhancing your creative sequencing abilities and mastering class energy management.

  • Refining cueing techniques for precision, effectiveness, and innovation.

  • Elevating your hands-on assisting skills.

  • Restoring your self-confidence as a teacher.

  • Identifying areas where you feel stuck with an additional perspective.

  • Receiving constructive and candid feedback to foster growth.

Let's embark on this journey together to revitalize your teaching experience.

Patricia K.

There was so much information provided throughout the training. With the wealth of information and training, there is no way I could walk away from it without taking my practice to the next step. Curiosity begat more knowledge and desire to share with others. An amazing accomplishment.


The class structure made the training seem as if it was a one on one session (even though we had as many one on one sessions as we desired ..) This is how the training felt; full and complete. I AM OVER JOYED with the training. My heart is and remains full! The wealth of knowledge and the compassion and joy can never be over stated. Nikki's interest in each and every one of the trainees is second to none! She provides amazing insight and encourages you to grow and explore. I did not know how much growth would be accomplished during the training; but WOW, what a difference.


We began teaching from day one! Not only teaching, but learning and UNDERSTANDING "hands on" assistance was such a positive reinforcement to understanding the body. We were encouraged from day one! Nikki has a way of making you feel so comfortable -- even in front of a class! Nikki's support and encouragement I have not seen any like it! We were all made to feel "special". Encouragement is support without judgement. Nikki provides heartfelt encouragement. See truly sees the good in all! What a joy to learn from her and to see her share her love with us!


The reading/study materials were so applicable! My Yoga library is pure "sweetness". We were trained to have an open heart and mind for teaching and practicing. True meaning of practicing on AND OFF of the mat. At the end of the day, nonjudgmental practicing is what it is all about. Being able to share with others that which makes you feel good! It was definitely a transformation for me and I am constantly evolving. Learning about the Sutras, understanding the anatomy and just having a wonderful time in the process is immeasurable. I strongly recommend YIO's teacher training program -- under the tutelage of Nikki Wong, to anyone thinking about teaching and wanting to take their practice to the next level!

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