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Upcoming Workshops & Special Events

Food Drive & Cacao Ceremony Donation Based Class

Sunday, November 12th, 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Join Nikki for a relaxing Sunday evening, a gathering of community and a gratitude offering to  collect food for Turning Point Children Services.


This donation based class will nurture your body, mind and heart with a feel-good vinyasa flow (about 50mins) followed  by a cacao ceremony and sound bath meditation.


When: Sunday, November 12th
Time: 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Where: Downtown Yoga Shala, 5 E. Reed St, San Jose, CA
Cost: Donation of non-perishable food items or cash donation to be used to purchase perishable items ($5-$20+)

Details: Bring your own mat and favorite mug (optional)

What is a Cacao Ceremony?

Cacao ceremonies have recently taken storm in the yoga and wellness world and for good reason. This practice has been around for thousands of years in South and Central America, especially the Mayan and Aztec cultures who revere ceremonial grade cacao as “Food of the Gods.” Ceremonial grade cacao is not your average hot chocolate as it is the most pure, unheated, unprocessed part of the cacao bean. In it’s highest quality unprocessed form, ceremonial cacao is high in antioxidants,

vitamins and minerals that increase blood flow and serotonin uptake which enhances positive mood boosting effects, focus, clarity and heart opening sensations. It’s common to feel more open, receptive and connected to yourself and others.

Using this plant medicine in a gathering is an opportunity for people to connect and enjoy drinking ceremonial cacao while also intentionally creating a space for gratitude, introspection, meditation, self care and love. When we join together in community with such intentions, we are reminded that we are all connected and together we raise our vibration and the benefits of this plant medicine is amplified. Here are some benefits of a cacao ceremony:

  • Enhances your mood and feelings of euphoria

  • Invites reflection, gratitude, forgiveness and healing

  • Inspires compassion, connection, oneness

  • Increases feelings of love, heart opening and understanding

  • Supports your spiritual journey and connection to your higher self

  • Helps you quiet your mind, connect to the present moment and the spirit within you


This 2nd Annual Food Drive is hosted by Reckless Off-Roaders and 4Los Compas along with other 4x4 and off- road communities, one of which is Lady Owned Toyotas, a group with whom Nikki is a member of. She will be delivering the goods for the food drive on Nov 18th. Any monies collected will be used to purchase perishable items.

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